Skincare Professionals: Keep Your Clients Coming Back With Light Therapy Treatments That Work


If there’s one thing both women and men are trying to achieve, it’s turning back the hands of time. This explains why the anti-aging industry is projected to be worth $83.2 billion by 2027. With anti-aging on everyone’s mind, people are looking for the best ways to maintain their youthful glow and complexion. 

That said, many people interested in investing in anti-aging products are looking for non-invasive options that won’t require six weeks of post-surgical recovery time or monthly injections. While invasive options are anti-aging solutions, light therapy is an overlooked and underrated anti-aging therapy treatment in the skincare industry.

How Does Light Therapy Work? 

Light therapy uses varying wavelengths of light, emitting them onto the skin. The light penetrates through the layers of the skin, stimulating cellular regeneration and heals damaged tissues. While highly noted for its effectiveness for collagen production and tissue repair, it’s also ideal for reducing damage from acne, and eliminating wrinkles, inflammation, and age spots.  

While there are various light therapy devices on the market, some are standing out among the rest. Aduro's highly-rated 7+1 facial mask, eyewear, and handheld devices help combat skin imperfections and reduce aging signs. 

Aduro's light therapy uses different color and color combinations to target various skin conditions. In the 7+1 facial mask, each color offers a different treatment:

Red: increases collagen production for fuller and younger looking skin.

Blue: eliminates acne-casuing bacteria and reduces the appearance of acne.

Green: balances the skin’s complexion.

Yellow: reduces redness from inflammation and rosacea.

Orange: revitalizes the skin and adds glow.

Cyan: calms and soothes irritated skin.

Purple: promotes cell rejuvenation.

Infrared: amplifies desired results.

Users can either opt for one specific color or a combination of colors to tackle their skin’s needs.

“I originally purchased it to calm down my acne problem. And I am not getting any younger so all other lights, including wrinkle reducer will be a great help for my skin. The mask isn't heavy to wear. You can wear it while you are meditating, doing sit-down exercises and or other stuff.”

-Sandra G., verified buyer

As most people have more than one skin condition they’d like to treat, light therapy provides an all-in-one treatment for your clients. The 7+1 facial mask is intended for professional use, and gives equal coverage to the entire face. However, for clients looking for spot treatment on specific areas, handheld and eyewear devices can provide targeted treatment to areas with redness, inflammation, and discomfort.

“I purchased this for a recent flare of roceacea I got from using too many ordinary acids on my skin. I stripped the skin barrier and ended up with redness and red spots. I use the green, orange and blue and violet colour each morning for 1 minute each and notice skin evenness and definite reduction in roceacea I also use it after microneedling and it calm the red down.” 

- Sonia M., verified buyer

As more celebrities are turning to light therapy, people are becoming aware of its capabilities as a non-invasive treatment and are looking at light therapy as a solution to their skincare troubles. 

For clients looking for a relaxing facial experience with the added benefits of reducing their skincare imperfections, light therapy is the best solution. Kayian Medical produces medical-grade laser light devices for the skincare industry. All Kayian light therapy devices are MDA-certified and FDA-approved, ensuring your clients' high quality and results. Keep them coming back with skincare therapy that works.