Simple Guide to Light Therapy

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You've heard of red light therapy, but do you know what it is?

By using a device that emits a combination of light-emitting diodes (LED), red light is produced along with the heat that can be focused on areas on the human body. Red light therapy is so powerful because it helps promote healing of the body from the inside out.

The low wavelength of light can be focused on any body part, stimulating positive healing and rejuvenation on the cellular level. Red light therapy is still developing as science and evidence are still being collected to this day, but with each study, the results say the same thing: red light therapy works.


The benefits of red light therapy are on a cellular level. Meaning, whether you have a skin condition, sports injury, or experiencing depression, red light therapy can help. While red light therapy is highly popular in the celebrity world for skin-related conditions, including helping to fight acne, wrinkles, wounds, scars, and cold sores.

Studies have shown that red light therapy can prevent hair loss, ease the negative effects of cancer treatments, reduce joint and muscle inflammation, anxiety and arthritis to name a few. Of course, if you have a serious health problem, consult a doctor before trying this method.


The safety risks for red light therapy are incredibly low, just like the strength of the light wavelength is used on your body. A common mistake is holding the light too close to the troubled area or for too long, resulting in burns or irritation. These are all relatively simple fixes; just make sure that you read the instructions of your red light therapy device to treat yourself or another properly.

Does it work?

Yes! Naturally, data and evidence from the health community and other scientists are still being collected and researched. Still, red light therapy has been proven to work and help with a wide variety of issues.

Because the pharmaceutical industry has suppressed red light therapy, researchers are just starting to tap into the benefits of red light therapy. However, red light therapy is being used in the medical industry in helping cancer patients ease some of the side effects of cancer treatment and joint and muscle injuries.

How much does it cost?

A typical facial treatment from a professional could cost anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on their equipment and if they are just doing a certain spot of the skin, an area, or the entire body. You also have the option to buy your own device, which you can use in the privacy of your home at any time.

These devices can range from $50 to $600, again depending on the quality, amount of light emitted, the frequency, and other available treatment options. For an entire bed or full body panel, those can range from $2000 upwards to $12,000. Just remember to visit your doctor to talk about red light therapy before you can for any treatments.

Luckily, Kaiyan Medical produces MDSAP-certified and FDA-approved light therapy products and devices for your own at-home treatment or even for your patients. We've worked hard to provide solutions for both patients and healthcare practitioners, catering to various needs. Whether you're looking to private label your own light therapy devices or for home use, contact our team, as we would love to help you through your light therapy journey.