Seasonal Content & Light Therapy

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What Is Seasonal Content?

Seasonal content is perfect for capitalizing on a certain period and for catching your prospective light therapy buyers’ attention.

So, this type of content can be divided into two categories:

  • Time-based: relating to a season or a month (back-to-school in September, January challenges like Veganuary or Dry January, and more)
  • Event-based: around holidays (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and more) and events (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and more)

Similarly, you could also produce content based on industry news and trends.

Seasonal content marketing only works if it’s relevant to your industry. When you write seasonal content around holidays like Christmas and Easter, you increase your business's chances of success. The first mistake would be to ignore holiday marketing, but the second would be to try to do everything. You won’t create viral content all year round. Instead, your content marketing strategy will end up looking like a badly decorated Christmas tree.

Reasons why you should create Seasonal Content?

Seasonal content is often criticized because it doesn’t have a long lifespan. However, no one will produce this type of content in order to position it as cornerstone content or for it to be timeless.

Nonetheless, this type of content has its benefits.

1. Generates Buzz

Seasonal content proves that you stay up to date with industry news, but also that you create content with your audience in mind. It essentially shows that you care about your audience.

For example, in America, 21% of the year’s flower spending in 2017 happened two weeks before Mother’s Day. So, naturally, that was an excellent period for related content.

2. Sales

Truth be told, people usually spend more during the holidays. With presents “for him” and “for her”, gifts for parents and friends… the holidays are the best time to inform your audience about your best products or services.

However, the fact that people are prone to purchase more during certain holidays doesn’t guarantee you that they will. Hence, you need to build your holiday marketing strategy based on analytics and tailor it for your target audience.

3. Opinion Leader

Seasonal content may not be timeless, but it can still position you as a thought leader in your niche. By keeping up with industry news and adapting your content according to them, you are gaining both credibility and authority.

Yes, news pieces are ever-changing hence they quickly become old or irrelevant, but keeping up with them should still be a priority.

4. Reuse Material

Gift ideas lists can be linked in the following years before you publish a new article with gift ideas. Similarly, you can produce follow-up content on news articles regarding your niche or conduct interviews with industry specialists to get their take on what is happening.