Rising with the Sun

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For most of us, we go to bed in the late-night hours and wake up early for work, feeling sluggish and heavy. Then, when the weekend rolls around, we barely budge from bed in the morning as we try to soak up every extra minute of sleep. As much as you live this experience, you're even less excited reading it. We don't blame you.

Our current lives aren't structured for us to be well-rested. We work long hours, spend the evening catching up on chores, and by the time we get to sit back and relax, it's already late. So how can you stay in tune with your body when your day-to-day life is full of obligations and stress?

What we keep forgetting is that we are connected to the earth. Yes, it sounds a little hippy, but it's true. Our bodies are set to nature. When the sun rises, we're supposed to rise. When the sun sets, we're supposed to sleep.  The sunlight gives our bodies the energy we need, while the dark lets our bodies rejuvenate for the following day.

This is why we recommend changing your daily routine to fit your natural sleep/wake cycle. Is it going to be easy? Of course, not. Nothing is easy in the beginning. But you will gain enormous benefits by rising with the sun. What are those benefits? Let us show you.

Become more productive

When you wake up early, there are generally fewer distractions, which allows you to achieve more within that time. Your mind is fresh, so you can make clear decisions, and you have the energy to achieve your goals. When waking up early, people tend to achieve more during the day.

Have more “me” time

Self-care is more than just having a bath once a week; it needs to be a part of your daily routine. But when you work full-time and/or have children, you don't really get the "me" time you need. Rising with the sun before your day starts gives you the chance to focus on yourself. Whether going outside or having red light therapy treatment, you decide how you want to care for yourself.

Increase your energy

When you rise with the sun, you have the chance to start your morning with a boost of energy. Go out for a walk or a run, boost your energy levels with the sun. We spend most of our day sitting, which has an extreme effect on our mood. But rising early gives you time to sweat.

More sunshine = better mood

Who doesn't want to be in a good mood? Yet, it's impossible to feel good when you're not getting proper sleep. Rise with the sun as you start your day soaking up the natural sunlight. If it's winter, you can use a red light therapy device to mimic natural light and help your body maintain healthy levels of vitamin D. When your body has optimal levels of vitamin D, your body produces serotonin which is directly responsible for your energy levels and mood. So, sunshine does make you happy.

Connect with your circadian rhythm

Most of us aren’t connected to our circadian rhythm, but it’s time you embrace your internal clock. Your body has a natural sleep/wake cycle it follows. However, most of the time, we don’t listen to it. Aim to get to bed at an earlier hour, spending some time before relaxing your body and mind. Stay away from your artificial light such as tv or your phone. Give your body time to naturally unwind for better sleep.

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