Red Light Therapy: Uses, Benefits, and Risks

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Most people don't know much about this revolutionary form of skin treatment that's slowly growing in popularity worldwide. Red light therapy (RLT) is the technique of shining low-wavelength red light on human skin for multiple benefits. Whether it's to heal damaged skin or muscle tissue, improve symptoms of depression, or slow down the aging process, RLT has you covered.

But before you go a step further, you should take the time to educate yourself on just what red light therapy is all about. Remember that no matter what, it's always best to consult your doctor about anything new you're considering introducing into your life, health-wise.

What is red light therapy?

As just mentioned, red light therapy is a new form of skin treatment that aims to help heal the body from the inside out. It was originally developed by top scientists as a method to grow plants in outer space.

But after realizing that the method was so successful in promoting healthy growth in the plants, they adopted it for human skin treatment, and results have been positive ever since. While many light treatments are found under various names (for example, low/soft laser therapy), they're all birthed from this original science.


What are some popular ways in which red light therapy is used, you may ask? Well, it's not just limited to skin treatment; it's used to treat a variety of conditions, including sleep conditions and depression.

On top of this, it's used to target joint pain, other muscle inflammation and heal arthritis. Aside from treating anything skin-related, such as wounds, scars, wrinkles, and cold sores, red light therapy positively treats carpal tunnel syndrome and reverses cancer treatment side effects.


While red light therapy is not a magic wand that can cure all your problems, it definitely does have some benefits that cannot be ignored. If you look long enough on the internet, you will read dozens of unbelievable stories of the benefits of red light therapy. The industry predicts that slowly, after more science and evidence is collected, RLT will become more established and widely used.

Here's a list of some of the major benefits from red light therapy:

  • reduces inflammation
  • quickens muscle recovery from injuries or workouts
  • improves overall mood
  • enhances collagen production
  • decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety


Because the light is at a low intensity, the risks are incredibly minimal, but burns can occur if exposed to the light for a long time. So, it's important to test red light therapy on your skin beforehand. The other potential risk may be eye damage, yet, many studies have shown the positive effects red light therapy has on the eyes.

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