Podcast Episode: The New Frontier of Light Therapy with Alain Dijkstra

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I am especially delighted to bring you this week's episode of The Red Light Report, as today's guest has been thoroughly entrenched in the light therapy industry for over a decade and is a bonafide expert when it comes to all things red light therapy. So buckle up and get excited, as this podcast interview is ALL about red light therapy!

Today's guest, Alain Dijkstra, is the CEO of Kaiyan Medical and an authority in the light therapy industry. Born in Holland, Alain moved to China when he was thirteen years old with an entrepreneurial mindset that he procured from his parents. Through a series of events

-- which he details in the podcast -- Alain developed Kaiyan in his hotel room in 2009 and has grown it exponentially over the past decade-plus. Today, Kaiyan Medical has become one of the largest and most innovative producers and manufacturers of LED Therapy products worldwide.

With over ten years of experience working in the medical device industry, Alain is well-equipped with the knowledge, research, insight, and vision to perpetuate the benefits of light therapy to the masses. A passionate biohacker, Alain hopes to continue to grow, innovate, and produce more high-quality products through Kaiyan Medical and, most importantly, help people optimize their health through the power of light.

Needless to say, this episode is both intriguing and captivating, while providing you a better perspective on where red light therapy is now and its potential direction looking into the future!

- Dr. Mike Belkowski and Alain discuss the following: From humble beginnings in a hotel room to a global presence in red light therapy

His personal experience of why he got into light therapy

How his grandfather immediately benefitted from light therapy and what happened to his symptoms

His projects and what specifically they optimize in terms of health

If light therapy is safe for your eyes

Pulsated light vs continuous

How he handles skepticism and explains to people how red light therapy works

How he guides people towards trying light therapy

Myths surrounding red light therapy

Wearable devices and whether it’s possible to measure biometrics

How light therapy has an impact on the water in our body

Curiosity in the field regarding how light therapy affects the water in your body

How light therapy is still the “wild west” in terms of research for specific ailments

How we may see different benefits from different wavelengths

How we need to return to our roots - eat the foods we originally ate and get the light we originally got

There wouldn’t be a business for light therapy if there wasn’t a need

Their new device that measures and predicts light

How light therapy is just the beginning - it should be integrated into your lifestyle, not just with devices

How light penetrates your clothes

What he’s excited about for the future of light therapy


Watch the YouTube video of this episode here: https://youtu.be/-YZRqZM2NtY


Learn more about Alain Dijkstra & his team and what they are up to: Kaiyanmedical.com LinkedIn: Alain Dijkstra

IG: @kaiyan.medical IG: @clastres.design

To learn more about red light therapy and shop for the highest-quality red light therapy products, visit www.biolight.shop