One Tree Planted x Kaiyan: A Partnership for a Greener Future

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With all of the environmental concerns surrounding pollution and climate change, the world is at great uncertainty. The list of issues with respect to the way we treat our environment is an increasingly long one. Eco-systems are being destroyed, making our planet less safely inhabitable for both humans and animals. 

For example, a decade ago, air pollution didn't seem so deadly, yet today, it's one of the most life-threatening problems we face. 

Eco-systems often cause and create their microclimates, and with their disappearance, the earth's climate is corrupted. Draught is more frequent around the world and the infamous temperature rise and warming of the climate. Our carbon footprint can and should be reduced, and even though it may seem difficult, the changes have to start somewhere.

The importance of companies taking charge lies in their global reach. Businesses worldwide are capable of spreading information globally, drawing attention to important matters that could make a vital change in the world. Companies staying aware and taking responsibility for their impact on the environment make us more aware of our responsibility. 

So, what’s our story? 

At Kaiyan we've been producing the highest quality light therapy devices for 15 years. Our products are MDASAP-certified and FDA-approved. First and foremost, our products are designed to improve our customers' well-being, not through gimmicks but science-backed LED therapy devices. 

Our products focus on bringing back balance into the body, inside and out—the natural way. The best part is light therapy is a non-invasive and long-term solution of helping with various health problems, from the inside out. The type of light therapy colors used offers a wide range of benefits. 

With skin, it works by smoothing it out and helping in the general glowing appearance. With light therapy, collagen production increases, which results in fewer wrinkles and fine lines. It helps with wound healing and scars and also with more serious skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. 

But light therapy capabilities go beyond skin deep. Light therapy also helps with mental health issues such as depression and sleep disorders. Working the way it does, from within, means it penetrates directly into our cells. This way, our cells are rejuvenated, and ATP production boosted. By better cell reproduction, we have a better and healthier organism. 

Many people also struggle with vitamin D deficiency, which causes muscle and bone pains, alongside extreme fatigue. Vitamin d deficiency light therapy works by substituting the Sun. Where it lacks sunshine, our LED light therapy device helps create serotonin and melanin we’d usually get if there were no lack. 

So the health benefits of color light therapy are many, ranging from surface level problems such as skincare to deeper lever problems such as mental health disorders. Working at the cellular level helps our brain's chemical process, creating a better and healthier balance for our bodies. 

Though our focus is improving the human body, we also want to do our part to protect our planet. Kaiyan’s mission is to help with the environment by bringing balance and wellness to the world. This means creating the best and most effective light therapy products while ensuring the environment is kept in mind. 

Saving the Planet One Tree at a Time

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization working as an environmental charity. Their mission is to help the environment, and they do so by helping us and providing an easier way for individuals or businesses to get involved. One Tree Planted takes online donations and uses the funds to invest in reforestation.

The organization started its project in 2014, and by 2020 the numbers increased from 50 thousand to 15 million. Creating a healthier climate and better world has never been easier. One Tree Planted puts effort into protecting biodiversity and natural habitats. They work with partners in the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Apart from creating new forests, they also restore forests damaged from floods or fires.  

With each Kaiyan manufacturing order, our clients are given the opportunity to select a location for a tree to be planted in their name. Trees help create more oxygen in the atmosphere, and even purify our air. It's an incredibly worthwhile, and impactful opportunity to do something for our mother earth. At the end of the day, sustainability is something we at Kaiyan are working towards passionately, and with our One Tree Planted Partnership, we're able to get our incredible clients involved in bettering the planet, as well. Contact our team for more information.