Light Therapy & Acne Treatment


We all know what acne is—for many, just hearing the word is traumatizing. While not everyone’s had to deal with it, many people do; and despite the fact that it’s an extremely common skin condition, it can be extremely challenging both emotionally and physically. 

You’d be surprised at how many people think “just washing your face” will help acne, or that there’s a miracle skincare product to cure. This generally not the reality, as acne occurs at an internal, cellular level in many cases. 

The types of acne vary, from acne that you don’t really notice, to acne that literally hurts. The reason to treat your acne shouldn’t be superficial, you should take into account that acne may be a sign of something going on within your body, for example, hormonal acne. But whether it is hormonal, genetic, cystic, or any of the many variants, acne is treatable, while there is no guaranteed cure. 

And, the more serious acne types are often treated medically. While many people don't want to take medication, most don't feel they have any other choice. There are dozens of different acids, creams, and antibiotics that are prescribed to treat acne. While they can work, they can also leave you with unpleasant side effects.

But what about light therapy for acne treatment? 

Not only does light therapy work on improving your acne, but it’s also focused on working from the inside out. Light therapy works at the cellular level, accelerating ATP production and cell turnover. This provides your skin with a new, healthier coat, eventually replacing old and dead skin cells. While your skin naturally dies and regenerates itself, light therapy accelerates the regeneration process with younger and stronger cells. 

Blue light therapy, for instance, is used to specifically combat skin bacteria that can lead to the development of acne. LED light therapy shows that 77% of acne cases that have been treated with blue light therapy have shown improved skin condition.Overall, people have experienced a significant decrease in the number of acne lesions, both pimples and cysts, with the at-home light therapy device. 

Light therapy is a non-harmful, non-irritating, and non-invasive skincare treatment. It’s not magic, but it has proven to be highly effective in treating acne. Studies support that it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and has virtually no side effects. 

LED light therapy for hyperpigmentation also works to improve spots or discoloration post-acne, returning the skin to normal pigmentation levels. An increase in melanin is what causes our spots and hyperpigmentation, so to prevent it, light therapy could be you or your patients’ best friend. 

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical acne treatment, a light therapy mask is what you want. Kayian's light therapy devices are for home use, MDA-certified and FDA-approved, ease-to-use, and effective for your own at-home treatment. You can take charge of your acne with light therapy, and if you’re a skincare practitioner, perhaps it’s time to consider private labeling your own device to better serve your clients by offering effective, safe products in-clinic, or even for your clients to use in the home.