How to Promote Your Light Therapy Brand on Facebook

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As a company or private healthcare practitioner, you have likely seen or at least heard about the benefits of red light therapy and may be interested in investing in light therapy products. While offering the best light therapy products to your clients is crucial, you also need to know how to promote your light therapy brand, particularly on social media. 

The global pandemic shaking up the world also affected the health and wellness industry, requiring companies to re-evaluate their advertising strategies. What worked in the past may not be as effective now, and it's time to adapt to these changes. Through this experience, Facebook Ads have stood out as an excellent option for companies who are looking to increase branding and generate lead interest. 

Why Facebook?

Good question! Why is Facebook the best platform for advertising your light therapy products? SproutSocial found that 1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily, and the average cost per click is approximately $1.72 across all industries. In addition, Facebook is the best platform for direct calls-to-action that viewers can see immediately. In other words, Facebook is the place where your light therapy products can gain the most visibility and create lead generation. So, how can you promote your brand on Facebook?

7 Best Practices to Promote Your Brand on Facebook

Stats and numbers are all great, but you need to know how to implement the best practices to gain brand awareness and lead generation for your light therapy brand. 

Use GIFs and videos

You need to draw attention to your business, and if you haven’t noticed, our attention span is shorter than ever. While you may not have the marketing budget for videos, GIFs and short videos are great ways to catch eyes onto your ad. For example, if you want to bring awareness to light therapy for psoriasis, an animated ad with a call-to-action will get viewers clicking for more information. 

Retarget your audience the right way

Nothing is a coincidence online. If you see an ad pop-up on your social media for jeans, the odds are you were looking for a pair of jeans online not too long ago. It’s important to retarget your ads to website visitors since they’ve checked out your website once, they have a higher chance of returning. 99Firms found that retargeting ads can increase conversion rates by 150%.

Keep an eye on your ad frequency

You want to make sure your ads are doing their job. Keep an eye out on your “ad frequency,” which is the number of times users see your ad. If your ads are being seen too often, it increases the chance of a user reporting it which decreases your relevancy score - in other words, it’s not good. Aim for frequency numbers less than or equal to 2 - if it’s in the 3-4 range, you’re at risk.

Research your competition

While you may think staying away from your competition is a good idea, it’s not. Keep a strong eye on your competition, observing their ad history, which is accessible on Facebook. There, you can see the success of their ads and make data-driven decisions for your own ads. 

Test out different audiences

Don’t assume you know your audience without looking at the data. While you may be creating ads for a specific audience, make sure to recreate ads targeting other audiences and analyze the data. You may be surprised to discover you have an active audience that you’ve been ignoring this entire time. This will take some time and experimenting until you find new audiences that connect with your products.

Use your existing audience 

Don’t forget about your existing audience! In the marketing world, they’re called your  “warm audience.” This means they’re already connected to your company, whether they like your Facebook page or subscribed to your newsletter. Focus on them first before engaging with your new audience (called “cold audience”). By engaging with your warm audience, you create high engagement, which entices your cold audience to engage as well. 

Gain attention with free offers

Who doesn’t love a free offer? We all do! So, don’t be afraid to use them to gain leads and create brand awareness. Whether it’s a discount or a free PDF download, people love getting free things. 

At Kaiyan, we want our partners to succeed in the light therapy industry. Knowing the changes within the health and wellness industry can help you be one step ahead of the game. 

Use the tips above to help you advertise your MDASAP-certified and FDA-approved light therapy products for at-home or clinical use. While we help you create a private label, we also guide you through the marketing process to ensure you have the support and guidance needed. Feel free to contact our team for more information, as we would love to help you through your light therapy journey.