Give Mom the Gift of Beauty from Within this Mother's Day


With Mother's day right around the corner, you're probably wondering what to get her. It's easy to stick to the traditional—gifts, flowers, jewelry, or a gift card. But do these really show your appreciation to her for everything she's done for you? In reality, most mothers' day gifts aren't really that useful. Sure, a framed fame photo or a personalized mug is nice, but why not get her something that improves her well-being and makes her feel better in her own skin? 

Have you heard of the Aduro 7-in-1 Led face mask? If this is the first time you’ve heard about red light therapy, well, you just found the perfect mother's day gift. As women get older, they want to hold onto their youthfulness and this device is how they can achieve this goal. But before we talk about how skin care light therapy works, it's important you understand how light therapy functions and its many benefits.

Light therapy uses different types of light to act as a source of energy for the cells. When light penetrates the skin, the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is stimulated. ATP acts to fuel your body's cells. Once stimulated, the body works to repair and rejuvenate damaged and old cells. Now, the body does this naturally; however, light therapy accelerates the process; thus, light therapy users see results within days. 

Naturally, light therapy can be used on a variety of areas of the body and can help with issues ranging from joint pain, to muscle recovery, to Seasonal Affective Disorder. But the Aduro 7-in-1 LED face mask focuses on promoting skin healing and collagen production. As we age, our skin's elasticity and collagen production decrease, creating fine lines and wrinkles. However, through Aduro's 7-in-1 light therapy mask, you can literally reverse signs of aging. 

The Aduro mask is one of the most advanced at-home LED facial masks on the market, featuring 11 different light treatments for a variety of skin conditions, from acne to pigmentation to rosacea. If you're wondering, “do light therapy masks really work?” The answer is “yes!” You just need to make sure you give yourself between 15-20 minutes per day to wear the mask. That's all that needs to be done. From there, you let the mask do its job.

The hands-free device has settings for blue, green, red, amber, and purple light. You can combine them to get the desired results. For example, blue light kills bacteria, red light is anti-inflammatory, and green light fights hyperpigmentation. So, it can be adjusted depending on the needs of the individual. Our skin’s needs fluctuate over time, and this mask works perfectly for all ages and skin types. 

While most at-home treatments require you to hold the device, this face mask stays on without having to touch it. So, your mom will be able to use her phone, meditate, listen to a podcast, all while the mask does its work. 

The best part is that light therapy has been well-researched and used for decades. So, if you’ve been wondering whether light therapy face masks are safe, yes, they are. Many skin experts have weighed in and studied the safety and efficacy of light treatments. 

More importantly, Kayian's red light therapy devices are FDA-approved and MDA-certified. While many light therapy masks on the market provide weak light with limited effects on the skin, Kayian's light therapy devices are not only regulated, but they work as non-invasive at-home treatments. So, this mother's day, why not treat your mom to a gift that she'll actually benefit from? Once she sees the benefits, she'll fall in love with the Aduro 7-in-1 light therapy mask and never want to take it off!

For more information on our manufacturing and private label offering, please reach out to our team – we love working with skincare experts on building their dream devices. 

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