Faster healing of cold sore using light therapy. FDA cleared


BREAKING NEWS! 50% Faster healing of cold sore using light therapy. FDA cleared

The European and Asian manufacturer of light therapy devices, Light Tree and Kaiyan Medical, Light Tree, is the world's second company to receive FDA clearance on a Herpes Simplex treatment that heals and prevents cold sores better than ever. This technology will help over 120 million US people each year.  

A cold sore (oral herpes) is a type of the herpes simplex virus. According to the National Institute of Health, about 50% - 80% of US adults have oral herpes. The symptoms occur about 2 to 3 times yearly, often a (white) fluid-filled blister around the mouth.

People who are suffering from cold sore symptoms experience pain and inflamed skin. A constantly tingling feeling irritates the skin for approximately ten days or longer. When the blister is there, it is recommended not to kiss, not have oral sex, don't touch the blister or the skin around it, and pay attention to the type of food you eat! For example, when eating salted fries or crisps, some salt could get on the blister, worsening the pain.

Current treatment methods are limited to creams to reduce pain, anti-bacterial creams to speed up healing, and patches to protect the skin while it heals. All of these treatments worsen the visibility of a cold sore, making people feel more insecure, and some creams may not even work if the blister already appears on the skin.

The FDA (Food and Drug Authority) in America recently cleared a treatment method for cold sores. This treatment method uses a specific light wave to kill the bacteria in the blister and help speed healing. The treatment should be done for 3 minutes, three times per day. You only need to do this for two days, and your cold sore will heal 30% faster than conventional treatments, like creams. Besides that, the treatment can also be used as a maintenance treatment to reduce the number of times the symptoms appear. This is a real breakthrough in treating cold sores and will speed up recovery and reduce symptoms for about 120 million Americans every year!

Light therapy for cold sores is non-prescription and can be used from the comfort of your home. This touchless treatment is the most hygienic and safe way of treating cold sores. The technology is implemented in a simple and lightweight design and is easy to carry with you and take on a trip!

Light Tree Group and Shenzhen Kaiyan Medical equipment are the worlds second manufacturer that is cleared to develop and manufacture a light therapy device that can heal a cold sore faster.