Elevate Your Home Office With Light Therapy

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If you’re feeling burned out after over one year of working at home, you’re not alone; many people share your frustration. Sadly, it’s becoming increasingly common to feel this sort of work-from-home fatigue. As much as it seemed, in the beginning, that working from home would be fun, no one thought it would last this long. It’s now a part of so many people’s routine, and we may be wondering what the return to normality will look like. Some people feel even more anxious returning to the office because they’re worried about getting sick, or have simply become accustomed to this new way of life. 

And, some people have become too comfortable with the #WFH lifestyle. Studies show that working from a bed or couch, though comfy, is extremely harmful in the long run, and many people have yet to create a proper workspace in their home. 

Never before has the modern world seen such a long-term situation like this, which poses the question: what will the long-term effects be? Just like associating your bed with work brings on bad feelings and habits towards your bedroom, working from home creates this sensation of losing your personal space.

So, how can you elevate your home office and continue to make the most of this ongoing situation? 

First off, if you can, don't work from your bedroom. Keep the bedroom solely as your personal space. If you don't have an office space, you can transform a living room or kitchen corner into a workspace. And, your body will thank you if you invest in a good desk and chair, and—ergonomic mice and keyboards are an office must-have. Ergonomics affects health more than you'd think, which is why you should try to be aware of your surroundings and give yourself the best work environment.

Second, stick to a schedule whenever possible. The moment you're done work, turn off your computer. Healthy distance from work helps you rest during off-time, and be more engaged while you’re on the clock. Even with the best ergonomic equipment, they cannot help the harm you’re doing to your body when sitting in front of the computer for too many hours each day. 

But most importantly, you should pay attention to your health, both physical and mental. It's no surprise that due to COVID, we've all become a bit estranged from others, and even ourselves. Give yourself the attention and care that you deserve and need. If you're noticing your physical and mental health sliding, light therapy's at-home treatments can help people get back on track.

But what does light therapy do, exactly? 

Well, for one, it can help improve both your physical and mental health. Light therapy works the way it sounds—it's light that's produced from a light box, mask, or lamp. The type of light therapy also varies since you could be using blue light for acne, red light for skin inflammation, purple for relaxation, and so on. You can select the colors depending on your needs.

The light from our devices helps stimulate ATP production, which is the powerhouse of the mitochondria. Through ATP stimulation, cellular turnover happens at a faster rate, rejuvenating dead and old skin cells. With light therapy, you help your body regenerate, improving your overall well-being. For example, we all know that sunlight has a direct effect on people, providing us with the vitamin D we need for our bodies to perform optimally. One of the main vitamins that have been missing during this pandemic is vitamin D. Though it doesn’t act as a replacement, light therapy treats vitamin D deficiency, reducing symptoms including depression and anxiety. It can also help you sleep by regulating circadian rhythm and helping to produce more melatonin. 

Light therapy devices are non-invasive, meaning that you aren't putting yourself at any health risk. You could set up a light panel at a corner, where you go to relax, play music and have a light treatment. Or, you could even set it near your desk so that you start associating the home workplace as a therapeutic space as well – where you get your daily dose of sunshine. 

So where can you get your trusted at-home light therapy device? Kayian's light therapy devices are MDA-certified and FDA-approved light therapy devices. Perfect for self at-home treatments right from the comfort of your home, you can purchase them for yourself, for your patients, or even have the devices private labeled for your practice. It’s the essential tool we’ve all been looking for during this pandemic that provides full-body health and wellness benefits.